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WHY BioField Clearing?

Dealing with chronic pain? A challenging illness? How about difficult recurring life patterns?  Financial issues? Have a tendency for self-sabotage?  How many of us are addicted to something?  Do we limit our own success?  How can we truly HEAL?


Healing is not just about what supplements, medicines, or dietary changes we need, but how can we go deeper to release all the hidden influences we have to provide true and lasting healing.


We ALL have blocks, trauma's, cellular memories, trapped emotions, limiting negative beliefs, blocked chakra's, ancestral and inherited patterns buried in our subconscious energy field that limit our ability to experience a healthy, happy life of joy. This 'joy' has been something I had been chasing for most of my life. It seemed elusive, or temporary.


We can have old vows, wounds, trauma's, violence, karma, betrayals, doubts and fears that under lie our lives, even if we are not aware of them. Now more than ever, we are at a time when EVERYONE is being called to clear out this old baggage!

This is a powerful form of cellular alchemy, a process of true transmutation which helps us to reunite with our natural Divinity or original form. We can transform old stuck emotions, patterns, and energies into something beneficial, increasing our vibration.


What is BioField Clearing?

We use 18 Charts and Ancient

Egyptian Healing Techniques...

 to identify and release....

Trapped Emotions

We all have numerous emotions from old trauma's, experiences, inherited and ancestral patterns. 

Limiting Beliefs

Often our negative beliefs we've adopted can show up when we are trying to create the life we love, holding us back. 

Core Fears

What are your core fears that can hold you back, limit you from being your best self?

Inner Challenges

When you are out of alignment with your true, authentic, higher self, issues can come up repeatedly. Perhaps low self-esteem, lack of finances, lack of purpose, family stress?  


Do you have blocked chakra's, or organs, blocks to true self-empowerment?


What do you use to block self-empowerment? Fear of success? Fear of Failure?Unhealthy relationships? Workaholic? your Inner Healing Keys!

Watch this fascinating video about the FOUR Evolutionary Stages of Healing, and how BioField Clearing utilizes both 3 & 4! 


"The body lets it be known where healing needs to occur and Dr. Smolnik simply takes care of it with this wonderful healing modality. I am in awe, have experienced instant life shifts, and getting unstuck in places where I have been stuck all my life. Thank you so much and I will continue working with her several more times knowing that feeling really free is completely possible and very near." 

— Laurie S.


Personal Sessions

by Phone

Schedule a phone session today with one of our Certified Practitioners to experience this powerful, deep healing work.

Practitioner Certification Course

This ONLINE Training Course is excellent for ALL Health Practitioners. Eight weekly Master Classes, and more...

15 Minute

Discovery Call

Want to find out more about the course, or ask questions?  Please feel free to contact us for to determine if this is right for you. 



Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND, Founder

Dr. Jane developed this course after 36 years in the Holistic Health field, numerous trainings, and valuable inner guidance. Her passion is helping people heal from the DEEPER unseen levels so we can be more aligned with our Inner Soul for rich fulfillment and true lasting healing.

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