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Quantum Healing Courses & Sessions

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~ Powerful Quantum Healing System

~ Transformative  Spiritual Healing Process

~ Alchemical Alignment  of the P.E.M.S Systems

~ With 21 Powerful Inner Healing Keys

Identify, Clear and Neutralize fears, trauma's, trapped emotions, blocks, cords, stressors, negative energies, limitations, ancestral patterns, etc.

Release old baggage. Free up your creative abilities and empower your innate intelligence!

Re-aligning you with your Highest and True Self! The most powerful  and sacred energy healing process for ALL.

Private Personal Sessions or Online Training Course

(New course starts Sept. 17, Includes a BONUS class!)

WHY BioField Clearing?

Dealing with chronic pain? A challenging illness? How about difficult recurring life patterns?  Financial issues? Have a tendency for self-sabotage?  Relationship challenges? Do we limit our own success?  How can we truly HEAL?
Healing is not just about what supplements, medicines, or dietary changes we need, but how can we go deeper to release all the hidden negative influences that impact us to provide true and lasting healing?
We ALL have blocks, trauma's, cellular memories, trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, blocked chakra's, ancestral and inherited patterns buried in our subconscious energy field that limit our ability to experience fully a healthy, happy life of joy. These things are even held in our DNA! Humanity has been a traumatized species for thousands of years. It's time to clear the old traumas of our ancestors! 

Often called 'Angelic Healing', with your permission we connect with your Higher Self, Your Guides and Angels. THEY direct the session to assist you. It is always spot on and perfect for anyone, no matter what their concerns are. 

We can have old vows, wounds, trauma's, violence, karma, betrayals, doubts, fears, and anger that under lie our lives, even if we are not aware of them. Now more than ever, we are at a time when EVERYONE is being called to clear out this old baggage! 

This is a powerful form of cellular alchemy for deep energy healing. It is a process of true transmutation which helps us to reunite with our natural Divinity or original form. We can transform old stuck emotions, patterns, and energies into something beneficial, increasing our vibration - a very valuable service for humanity at this time!

HURRY! New online training starts Sept. 17, Registration is OPEN!

Why BioField Clearing?
Why Naturopathy

What is BioField Clearing?

We use 24 Charts and Ancient

Egyptian Healing Techniques...

 to easily identify and release....

Trapped Emotions

We all have numerous emotions from old trauma's, experiences, inherited and ancestral patterns. 

Limiting Beliefs

Often our negative beliefs we've adopted can show up when we are trying to create the life we love, holding us back. 

Core Fears

What are your core fears that can hold you back, limit you from being your best self?

Inner Challenges

When you are out of alignment with your true, authentic, higher self, issues can come up repeatedly. Perhaps low self-esteem, lack of finances, lack of purpose, family stress, feeling unworthy, or inherited patterns?

Blocks and Cords

Do you have blocked chakra's, or body systems?  Blocks to true self-empowerment? Or attached cords or energies draining you?


What do you use to block self-empowerment? Fear of success? Fear of Failure?Unhealthy relationships? Workaholic? Addictions?

Identify and clear limitations.

...and discover your 'Inner Healing Keys'!

Course Registration

How to become more empowered and happier!! Dr. Jane explains

This training is now offered for everyone!
Biofield Clearing ~ excellent for personal use, empowerment and inner growth! Anyone can learn this powerful technique! This includes the
Certification Process  - Get certified as a Biofield Clearing Practitioner!
Ethics and Legalities, certification process. 9 classes included.

The Advanced class - has powerful new charts to go even deeper and Multi-Dimensional techniques. Plus learn to test Vibrational Frequencies, and Deepen Telepathic and Intuitive Skills when working with Higher realms (6 classes)

New training classes starts this September 17th  for 8 weeks!
Plus a BONUS class!


"I  have been using the Biofield Clearing technique since I've learned it and I am excited with the new advanced charts that were added to the curriculum. As a energy healer and Reiki practitioner, I have found this technique to be the perfect TOOL for the practitioners to better pinpoint the issues and blockages in our clients; at the same time, clients are blown away when they are able to learn the moment in their lives a blockage has been created and how that is related with the current issue they are working on. It is extremely easy to learn and it can be used along any other modality or line of thought the practitioner has. This method is practical, fast, and it was downloaded to help energy healers with the social distancing we are currently experiencing as it works beautifully for remote healing​

— Claudia Pureco

Experience a Powerful Healing Session...

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Personal Sessions

by Phone

Schedule a phone session today with one of our Certified Practitioners to experience this powerful, deep healing work.

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Practitioner Certification Course

This ONLINE Training Course is excellent for ALL Health Practitioners. Eight weekly Master Classes, and more...

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15 Minute

Discovery Call

Want to find out more about the course, or ask questions?  Please feel free to contact us for to determine if this is right for you. 

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Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND, Founder

Dr. Jane developed this course after 36 years in the Holistic Health field, numerous trainings, and valuable inner guidance. Her passion is helping people heal from the DEEPER unseen levels so we can be more aligned with our Inner Soul for rich fulfillment and true lasting healing.

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