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Learn the powerful art of
BioField Clearing for Deep Healing

Biofield Practitioner Certification & Course Registration Information

Dealing with chronic pain? A chronic illness? How about difficult recurring life patterns? Have a tendency for self-sabotage? How many of us are addicted to SOMETHING?  Do you limit your own success? Are you truly abundant? How can you truly HEAL? What are your filters?


Our BioField often contains unconscious wounds, trauma’s, core fears, limiting beliefs, cellular memories, emotions, inherited and ancestral patterns, even unresolved past life issues that get trapped in our energy field and cause physical and emotional imbalances. They can limit our success in all aspects of our lives, including relationships, health, and even financial success. 

Healing is not just about taking the right supplements, nutrients, or dietary changes, which can ALL be very helpful. But how can we go deeper, and clear the energy field to provide true and lasting healing?

You've probably heard of techniques to clear 'trapped emotions', or 'tapping', or using positive affirmations, or the right mindset, which can all be helpful, but they do NOT clear out these hidden energies. Now you can learn to take this to whole new, deeper levels of transformation. We are more than just physical bodies that hold emotions. Yes, we have our core challenges and limited perspectives, but we are really UNLIMITED QUANTUM BEINGS!  It's time to hold that vibration.

BioField Clearing is a powerful new 3 part healing system that uses 29 charts and specific methods to easily identify and clear these challenges, or negative influences, from our energy field, deep into our subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as our DNA.   

We use ancient Egyptian tools based on sacred geometry to create a magnetic vortex to clear out these default patterns. Once everything is cleared, we use a few other charts, and 21 Keys for Inner Healing to infuse the energy field with loving, balancing, and healing energy of Divine Golden Light, as well as empowering beliefs and what you need to master to create lasting healing in every way.  It is truly powerful, sacred healing work.  

We cannot carry these into the new 5D Higher Realm of Conscious Awareness that is open for us now as they weigh us down. Now more than ever, we are at a time when EVERYONE is being called to clear out this old baggage.

It is time to evolve to higher levels of being.  Imagine clearing old karma, residual debris from past lives, ancestral vibrations, and more. We can easily do it to 'clean the slate' so to speak. Much of this debris clings to our DNA and impacts our health and vitality, even our level of success. 

Releasing these blocks often result in the sudden disappearance of:

  • physical health problems,

  • chronic pains,

  • self-sabotage,

  • financial/abundance difficulties

  • relationship difficulties

  • depression / anxiety

This is a form of cellular alchemy, a process of transmutation which helps us to reunite with our Divinity or original form. We can transform stuck emotions and energies into something beneficial, increasing our vibration. With your permission, we connect with your Higher Self, Your Angels, Guides, even your Medical Assistant Team! THEY direct the healing and know exactly what you need to clear or release. It is always spot on, no matter what the issue. It is certainly a sacred process every time, done with love and compassion. 

You will be introduced to the powerful ancient Egyptian Healing Pendulums, based on sacred geometry and used for thousands of years for medical dowsing and transformation.  You will learn how to MASTER the use of them professionally to identify, and effectively clear items, no matter how deep.  We use over 21 charts to explore what is needed to clear or include. This system works easily, safely, and effectively every time. Clients often benefit from a series of several sessions to go deeper each time, like peeling away layers of an onion, reaching deep into our core.

Once we complete the clearing of negative influences, we then use several charts to discover what is needed for their Inner Healing - personal empowerment, empowering beliefs, what they need for self-mastery, the virtues they are here to MASTER, their personal Keys to Inner Healing, and then we infuse their energy field with Divine Golden Light and energy.  We use 21 powerful KEYS to Inner Healing as well. These are spiritual and energetic practices to help be more aligned, aware, etc. It is an extraordinary system, a very beautiful and sacred healing process. 

This is something ALL Health Practitioners should have in their 'toolbox'.  Once mastered, it is easily done long distance, for anyone, anywhere. This is excellent for personal use and transformation as well!

The BioField Clearing Practitioner Certification Program offers:
BioField Clearing is a powerful new 3 part healing system that uses 24 charts and specific methods to easily identify and clear these challenges, or negative influences, from our energy field, deep into our subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as our DNA. 
IDENTIFYING - We use 21 Charts to identify numerous hidden subconscious energies, filters, issues, fears, trauma's, limitations, blocks, and inherited and ancestral patterns, etc.
THE CLEARING - Learn to use powerful ancient Egyptian healing pendulums and a specific technique to powerfully clear the energy field, DEEP to the core.
INNER HEALING KEYS- Then we use another 6 charts to help you re-align with your Highest and True Self. Then we determine your specific 'Keys to Inner Healing'. A very sacred, healing process every time!
    Easy, Safe, Powerful and Effective! A 'must' for ALL Health Practitioners to have in their toolbox.
       Excellent for personal use to transform your life!  (Previously called 'Ancient Healing Keys!)


Please watch this informative webinar to learn more about it....


One of the reasons I do not often use muscle testing is because many people are not easily or accurately 'testable'. If someone is dehydrated, they do not test well. When the neck or spine is out of alignment at all, they do not test well. Also, when someone is in a chronic sympathetic stress response, they do not test accurately. This leaves dowsing tools and a proficiency in the technique for gaining accuracy quickly. Plus, it is something that is easily done long distance. You can work with anyone on the planet, as long as you have their name, age, and location, and their permission. I will teach you how to work with their 'energy field' or their innate field to dowse for information and start the clearing process.

Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND has developed this course through many years of experience and numerous trainings over the past 30 years.  It has been highly successful in her practice. She has been guided to offer this program now to train other health practitioners to offer the same effective program.



Join me in assisting humanity in this deeper clearing process and making this available to all who ask for it.  What an excellent way to serve others! 

BioField registation
  Become a Certified Practitioner, 
or for Personal Transformation!
~ First learn to Master using Pendulums for accurate dowsing to take this healing art further.
~ Discover how to use several ancient Egyptian healing pendulums and bio-tensors,
~ Learn to trouble-shoot, ask the right questions, verify and go deeper! 
~ Then learn to use 21 different charts to identify trapped emotions, trauma's, relationship issues, limiting beliefs, inherited patterns, addictions, blocks to self-empowerment and more. 
~ Discover Physical body needs, what is needed for correction, clearing blocked chakra's, inherited issues, etc. There's no limit to what you can use it on. 
~ Discover what realm things have come from before you can clear them.
~ Learn how to effectively CLEAR deep issues, and build new energy. Extremely effective. 
~ After all is cleared we infuse their energy field with Divine Golden Light and energy.
~ Use 6 more charts to see what is needed for personal empowerment, the virtues they are here to master, and we have 21 Inner Healing Keys to use for deep healing work.
~ This is a complete powerful Healing Technique anyone can use.
~ Excellent for all health practitioners! 
~ Also excellent to learn just for your personal use and transformation!

The Biofield Clearing Course consists of:

Level 1 - The Basics - 8 LIVE ONLINE Training Modules, Two Hours each

All training instructions, Manual's, Charts, Video's, Forms. Perfect for anyone! 

This includes the Certification Process: Ethics and Legalities, Certification Process,

 Marketing materials, Support network, Website addition, and more! Great for Healers.

Labs, Private FB Group - work with each other, friends, family, and clients. $999.

Note: Early Bird Special - Only $777

(last chance for this reduced rate!!)

Level 2 - The Advanced Charts and powerful Multi-dimensional Technique! Now :et

s build on that foundation! Get a much deeper understanding, amazing new charts, and a Multi-dimensional technique for clearing a WIDE variety of deeper issues! We use charts to Release and Deactivate, Clear Negative Programming, Deep Traumas, Archetypal Patterns, cutting cords and more. Then we can Activate and Reset many items, Rebuild and Strengthen the Body, Get recommendations from the Angels, and more! Plus we learn to test Vibrational Frequencies for all areas of life, and Deepen your Telepathic and Intuitive Skills, learning to connect more with Angels and Guides. An outstanding experience! $597. 6 classes.

ALL ON ZOOM! Work with folks from ALL over the world.

NEXT 8 week COURSE SERIES starts May 14, 2O24!

Classes are on Tuesdays via ZOOM from 6:30-8:30 PM EST.

Many of our International and European friends need an earlier time. Please send me a message if you prefer a daytime class. Once 6 people are ready we will add that. Thank you.


Classes will be recorded if you miss it or want to review it anytime. 

Includes Hand-outs, Manual, Charts, Forms, Support.  Continue to get certified! 

Prerequisite - You must experience a full BioField Clearing session with either myself,

or one of our certified Practitioners so you have an understanding and an experience of this process.


Plus a private ongoing interactive Facebook Group to share experiences,

successes, ask Q's, give feedback.

Students also get a discount on any pendulums or tools we use,

(only TWO are required, both under $40.)


Note: To be Certified as a BioField Clearing Practitioner, you will be required to take Level 1 (9 classes)  and complete 12 sessions (3 with other students, 8 with others, and 1 with Dr. Jane).  There is an online exam for the certification process. 

You will receive a beautiful certificate, a brochure, use of the logo, and added to our website if you'd like.

This work is easily done long distance, with anyone, anywhere!

Biofield Clearing Level 1Training $999
Early Bird Special! Only $777!
(Level 1 Course is valued at $1295)!
Includes everything you need, whether for your own personal growth experience.
Level 1-
 Learn this powerful process and in-depth charts for yourself or professional use.
Includes Practitioner Certification - Ethics and Legalities, practicum, and more. 
Level 2 - The ADVANCED Charts and powerful Multi-dimensional Techniques, plus learn how to test vibrational fields, and deepen Intuitive and Telepathic skills! 
Practitioners will receive a Biofield Clearing MASTER Certification!

             NEXT LIVE COURSE WILL BEGIN this May 14, 2024 for 8 weeks.
Registration is Officially OPEN!  Hurry before it fills up.

Regular price is $999. Plus I add a BONUS CLASS TOO! 
Get the Early Bird Special NOW! Only $777

See testimonies below! 

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for special announcements, specials, FREE webinars, and a FREE e-book.

Call 828-777-JANE (5263)
NOTE: Please call if you have any questions or problems with this form, or if you'd like to use the payment plan. The discount does not apply for payment options. Thank you!

Biofield Clearing Registration Form 
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Thanks for your order! You are now registered and will receive an email soon.

Call 828-777-JANE (5263)

Please call if you have any problems with this form.. Thank you!

Listen to Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND

on Quantum View Radio. The 2020 Summit -

What to expect for the next decade!


Dr. Jane's topic 'The NEW DNA!' ~

Fascinating and powerful talk!

Some Testimonials from Clients and Students:

I just had my 6th Biofield Clearing session with you and each time I feel better and more at peace with myself and my life. You have changed my life more than anyone and I'm so happy, peaceful and confident that I can co-create the life of my heart's desire. You're such a kind, heart centered, empathetic, grounded soul and I feel so safe and supported by you. Thanks to my deep Biofield Clearing session with you and you deprograming me, I'm truly experiencing myself as beautiful for the first time in my life, in my body, heart, soul, spirit and feel so peaceful. I feel that I've come home to my true self. You're amazing Jane. Thank you! - Lisa C.

" My akashic records (healing) session with Dr. Jane Smolnik was nothing short of profound.  When the guides, angels, masters, and even passed relatives came forward I could feel a surge of energy.  Unconditional love was so very present and there was no doubt in my analytical mind that this was very, very real.  I learned a number of things that I needed to hear to progress in my path of spiritual evolution.  I learned that there was a man who hurt me as a child that required both my forgiveness and deep understanding of that contractual agreement we agreed upon before incarnation. My mother came forward and helped me to accept some major things from my childhood.  But most importantly I could feel her love in a fullness that I never felt it when she was alive.  I would highly recommend this to everyone."    Gael Riverz, ND

"I did have some experience with energetic healing in the past but I could not imagine the complexity and profoundness of this Biofield Clearance technique . We were able to go so deep and identify all the blockages on my physical, mental and emotional bodies . We were able to find and heal negative beliefs and thought patterns from my childhood ,ancestors and past lives. After we released all the blockages, limited beliefs and emotional trauma from my chakras. I immediately felt so good and relieved. Just few days after the session I noticed that my negative thoughts are changing to positive!  I highly recommend Jane and her method for everyone who wants to change their life by eliminating limiting beliefs, negative patterns, toxic attachments, fear and insecurities.  Thank you Jane !"- Irene Sar, ND

"I've done emotional release / intuitive healing with others but never got the results that I have with Dr. Jane. She was spot-on with the ages in which I experienced shock or trauma without me telling her. She's very compassionate and the clearing process she used made me feel like a  huge weight was lifted from me! I feel better emotionally than I have in years maybe even decades. I highly recommend this process to anyone that has tried to change themselves or their life yet still feel stuck.The process itself was very gentle and relaxing. Thank you Dr. Jane. You are a lady of many TRUE talents." - MB, Massachussetts

"I recently had a session with Dr. Jane for Biofield Clearing. I asked her for help with the chronic back pain I have had for  50 years. After the session, I realized the back pain was almost gone. It hasn't come back!!!! I am so grateful to Jane for this. I had tried almost everything and nothing has worked. She cleared more blockages that were keeping me from experiencing joy, peace, and happiness in my life. From those, I  feel much lighter. I have experienced loneliness for most of my life. I am not feeling that near as much. I have felt closed in in my house and the house felt heavy. That is gone. I feel more connected to Source. I feel like a dark cloud that always seemed to be around me has been lifted. I am SO grateful to Dr. Jane and the work that she does." MB, Asheville, NC


"I've taken this training with Jane and it was everything and more that I was hoping it would be. Something not to miss!" - S. Gelinas, NC

I have had several Biofield Clearing sessions with Jane over the past three years and they have been very helpful. I have gained clarity about the direction I need to go in with my life, physical pain has greatly decreased, I'm feeling much more connected to the Divine Source and have received so much love and help from my angels. Jane is such a gift to humanity, with such a beautiful and supportive presence during my sessions. I'm so grateful for experiencing her gifts and a more grounded, sweeter life. - L.C.

"About an hour after our call I was extremely exhausted. But when you said that space opens up, that's literally what happened!  I've been lying here for 2 hours reveling in the expansion of my lungs! Taking deeper breaths, with ease, than ever before!  Also feeling much peace.  And I feel good this morning even though my daughter said she was staying in Siberia (an issue we worked on), I didn't freak out about the loss of my daughter but went to the place of feeling happy if this is what makes her happy." - G.R. Wisconsin

" I had my first “client” this morning who knew nothing about BioField Clearing (one of my Akashic grads) and she loved the experience. She said she felt she got to go to a very deep place of clearing – more than we would have been able to do either with a straight Akashic session or one combined with Inception Point Therapy which is our other modality. So that was great!"- Sandra Gelinas, Akashic Records teacher

"Dr. Smolnik and her work with the emotional release sessions seems to be the answer and remedy
for all the emotional body healing I will search for from now on. Emotions are deep seeded
and in layers, but this treatment allows the mind to rest and the body to answer questions
that Dr. Smolnik asks. The body lets it be known where healing needs to occur and Dr.
Smolnik simply takes care of it with this wonderful healing modality. I am in awe, have
experienced instant life shifts, and getting unstuck in places where I have been stuck all
my life. Thank you so much and I will continue working with her several more times knowing
that feeling really free is completely possible and very near." -  L. Spencer - Asheville, NC

'After this healing session with Jane, I felt a definite energetic shift and lightness, and a
feeling of optimism.  During the session I was aware of the energetic shifts around the subject we
were clearing.  I continue to feel a sense of optimism that's moving me forward!' - O. K. Asheville

"I have noticed a pattern after our sessions where immediately afterwards I feel lighter and
cleaner. Then a few days go by and it feels as if pandora's box opens in me and feelings relating
to the issues we discussed in session come thundering out of me like a storm. I mean door
slamming anger over lack of control, deep weeping over some of the other things we discussed.
And then the storm is over... It passes and leaves me feeling, again, lighter, cleaner but now also
more grounded, focused and filled with more self power than ever before." R.P. Greenville, SC​


"I am so grateful for your willingness to present me with this quantum healing process. It couldn't
have come at a better time in my life as I am getting healthier and carrying a higher vibration
within that will continue to help with healing on all levels.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jane."  Very sincerely and with Love and Light.  K. P., Conn.

"Thank you Dr Jane.  I'm feeling much better and lighter today. It's like a weight has been lifted from me!  God bless you." Margaret, SC

"In gratitude to Jane Smolnik who skillfully led a group through an Ancestral clearing amongst many other things with her new Biofield Clearing. Miracles are unfolding when my 80 year old Dad asked for an appointment! My Mom released trauma from when her brother passed when she was 8. I released multiple layers of forgiveness and trauma. I HIGHLY recommend this!"  -Lynn V.

Before my Biofield Clearing session, I was feeling really stuck and at a loss when it came to my health and my life circumstances. Things just weren’t shifting, no matter how hard I tried and how much I wanted them to. I ended up having a Biofield Clearing session with Sharon and was amazed by how much lighter, more balanced, peaceful and free I felt after. It was like a light suddenly turned on in a room that had been dark for a very, very long time. I was so impressed by the specific things she was able to pick up on that were then worked through and healed by the end of our time together. I kept saying to myself, “How can she know so much about me and what I’m going through?” without me having to go into any details. Sharon helped me to realize what was holding me back with my health and gave me the tools to address these underlying issues. She made it possible for me to tap into the feelings of joy and wellbeing again and for that I am forever grateful! Sharon truly is the real deal: a gifted, intuitive, compassionate and effective healer. I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance, healing, or clarity in their life.  Also anyone who feels stuck or hopeless.

K.D. New Hampshire

Wow!  The first word that comes to mind when completing a session with Sharon!  You can't but feel like weight has truly been lifted from your body!   To remove the generations of garbage that one accumulates, is an incredible service and value so that you can move forward in a happy, loving and secure future.  You won't be disappointed with this cleanse and I highly recommend Sharon and this cleanse to anyone!  And...I have!!  My own mother is also working with Sharon!  What better recommendation than your own family member!!

Patty W. Maryland

I recently had a Bio Field Clearing session with Sharon.   The session was both relaxing and energizing.   She was spot on with the past experiences in my life which are now present challenges.  She had many suggestions on how to work on those challenges both verbally during the session and in writing after the session.  I really appreciated the emailed printout after the session was over it is a great tool to use and reference back to .  I highly recommend Sharon's services - you cannot go wrong with her caring and loving heart.

Lisa from NH 

Now Available! 
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