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Book with One of our Excellent Certified BioField Practitioners!

Jane Smolnik.jpg

Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND

BioField Clearing Founder / Trainer

Dr. Jane is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Cert. Intuitive and Quantum Energy Healer.  Her passion is helping people heal on very deep levels, and realigning with their true inner potential! In N.C. Visit her website to book an appt. at or call (828) 777-JANE (5263) for a free 15 min. overview.  Email her at:

Gabriela G. .jpg

Gabriela Galasinska

BioField Clearing MASTER Practitioner

Gabriela offers Intuitive Quantum Healing using NLP, Body Language, Shamanic techniques to balance 5 elements, and Biofield  Clearing, where you experience changes from low vibration thoughts, patterns, energetic blockages in your body, mind, and soul. Located in United Kingdom. English and Polish speaking. Email : or visit , to book a session .


Linda Beals

BioField Clearing Master Practitioner

Linda is a Medical Intuitive / Healer and  BioSET Practitioner. Along with BioField Clearing, she uses her "whole being" approach to heal the body on all levels, In N.C. Her e-mail is: , or phone her at 828-273-3723. Her FB page is:

Smile Red Scarf 1.jpeg

Anyaa McAndrew

BioField Clearing Master Practitioner

Anyaa McAndrew is a seasoned wholistic psychotherapist, an astrologer, and an ordained priestess residing in the Smoky Mountains of Western NC. She can be contacted at and a further investigation of Anyaa and her work can be accessed through her website at

Claudia Pureco.jpg

Claudia Pureco

BioField Clearing Master Practitioner

Claudia  is a gifted, remote Energy Healer - who co​​mbines years of practice with her Clairvoyant, Clair-audience and Clair-cognizant abilities. She has her personal practice in Charlotte, NC. She is bilingual English-Spanish. Call (704) 564-6443, or  email:

Irina Sarsikova.png

Irina Sarsikova, ND

BioField Clearing Master Practitioner

Irina is a Montreal-based homeopathic and naturopathic certified practitioner who was influenced by the rhythms of a holistic and spiritual lifestyle from an early age. Currently Irina utilize the Akashic  and Kundalini Reiki Energy to facilitate BioField Clearing Sessions and Quantum Transformation sessions.  Located in Montreal. Visit her website: or call \ text at 1-438-879-3331


Gayle Ray

BioField Clearing Master Practitioner

Gayle is certified as an  Akashic Records, Inception Point Therapy, and BioField Clearing facilitator. She enjoys using these modalities to support healing and growth for her clients.  Visit her website to book an appt. at or call 828 551-6362 Located in N.C.

SandraGelinasFinals14 (5).jpg

Rev. Sandra L. Gelinas

BioField Clearing Master Practitioner

Sandra is an Akashic Records Facilitator and Teacher.  She loves combining the Akashic Records with the precise focus and depth offered by BioField Clearing! In N.C. Visit to book a free 20 minute Discovery Call.

Sharon Crowley.jpg

Sharon L. Crowley

BioField Clearing Master Practitioner

As a healing professional with multiple modalities for more than 26 years, Sharon works with people from all walks of life.  Sharon's work is guided by her intuition and her ability to listen to the innate wisdom of her clients’ bodies. To schedule or questions, call 603-809-4828.     

Visit   In N.H.

DSCF5936 copyRes_mr1560436468942_mh15604

Michele Chong

BioField Clearing Master Practitioner

Michele is an Internationally Certified Sound Therapist and music composer in Singapore. She believes that sound and frequencies are the new forms of medicine. Michele believes strongly in transforming the world and people’s lives through sound frequencies and voice. Email her at:,


Samantha Naidoo Fahy

BioField Clearing Practitioner

Samantha has been trained and certified in Biofield Clearing and Biofield Tuning. She incorporates a multiple modalities approach utilizing powerful ancient healing pendulums and Tuning Forks for coherent physics sound frequencies, that can restore the physical and energy bodies to optimal well-being. Located in VA. Visit:

Amanda Seta - pic.jpeg

Amanda Seta, Energy Healer

BioField Clearing Practitioner

Amanda’s purpose is to help people experience their own unlimited freedom in this lifetime.  Along with Bio Field Clearing, Amanda also employs spiritual hypnosis, Akashic Records Reading, Reiki, and Soul Centered Healing to help her clients on their return to wholeness. or call 828-242-7131

She is in Asheville, NC


Simran Nanwani

BioField Clearing Practitioner

Simran is deeply passionate about guiding individuals towards their highest state of well-being with a comprehensive skill set and a compassionate approach. With extensive training in many energy healing modalities, including Biofield Clearing, and mastering techniques that harmonize the subtle energies within and around the body.  Located in Indonesia. Call her at +62818173786. or email:


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