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Quantum Healing Courses
& Session Videos

Here's your opportunity to experience and understand more about BioField Clearing and the powerful effects it can create for us.  This is true healing on deeper levels, the level of the DNA. It is also about aligning us with our true Higher Self and Inner Soul as we identify and clear things that keep pulling us off center.

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Becoming Our Higher Self

Discover how we can re-align our Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy, and spiritual bodies. This is a powerful presentation which includes a Biofield Clearing for everyone who listens as Dr. Jane identifies and clears whatever is in our collective consciousness that keeps us from our Highest True Self!

(This is a Podcast)

The FOUR Evolutionary
Stages of Healing!

Discover the 4 Evolutionary Stages of Healing:

#1 is Allopathic, using a chemical to create a response.

#2 is Information - like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Frequencies, Flower Essences, Glandulars.

#3 is Pure Energy Healing, like Reiki, Akashic Healing, all forms of Energy Healing. Find out what

#4 is and how BioField Clearing utilizes both 3 & 4 in a powerful process using ancient Egyptian Healing Tools!

Creating Major Shifts in Your Life with BioField Clearing

Join Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND as she explains this powerful new process for deeply clearing our old stuck patterns, emotions, fears, blocks, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns and more from our energy field using powerful ancient Egyptian tools. Your Keys to Inner Healing are also included. This is an online certification program anyone can learn to master.

Discover the Powerful BioField Clearing - Intro

How would you like to learn how to identify and clear out all the old limitations, trauma's, fears, inner challenges, past life issues, inherited and ancestral patterns that limit our lives, and our ability to succeed and be truly healthy? The time is NOW! Discover this powerful training program you can use to shift your life in major ways, and also offer it as a sacred service to humanity! Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND provides insights into this training.

Attention ALL Health Practitioners, Energy Healers, Light Workers!

THIS is the time of the Great Awakening! THIS is the major shift as we bring more Light, more love, more healing, more creative and intentional power into our lives. Can we see an END to disease and suffering? An end to chronic pain? The end of struggling to survive? The answer is YES!

As a Practitioner in the holistic health field for over 30 years, I know that we are not just physical beings. We have emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. All the chronic pain, fatigue, weaknesses, auto-immune conditions, and even the limitations we go through, need to be addressed on much deeper levels, all the way down to our DNA.

THIS is the new level of healing that is necessary – healing our DNA. As you know, just supporting the physical body is not enough for true and lasting healing. I am calling out to ALL Health Practitioners to join me in offering BioField Clearing, as it is a much needed and powerful technique to assist people in their inner healing process. We can quickly and easily determine for each person, based on their own personal concerns.

Global Biofield Clearing for ALL Humanity!

Join us to experience a deep healing for ALL humanity at this time. Doing this group healing using Biofield Clearing, Dr. Jane Smolnik will explain how it works, then with your permission, she will connect with our Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, etc. to answer the question 'What Does Humanity Need to Heal in order to Ascend'? You may be surprised at what comes up. She will clear these items for all of us using ancient Egyptian Healing Pendulums. This is powerful, sacred healing work, healing deep into the levels of our DNA.

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