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Now ALL BioField Clearing Practitioners can go even deeper!

This is a TOTAL Energetic Cleanse and Reset.

A TRUE Power Session!

With this additional course you will learn:

More about Multi-dimensional Healing, AND a new powerful multidimensional technique!

More about working with Angels, Archangels, and messages they have for your clients!

New Commands, most of them we put on 'automatic' till they are absolutely complete!

Identify and Neutralize 30 Major Stressor Factors, and Unresolved Trauma's imbedded in the nervous system, brain, spinal cord, adrenals, etc.

Discover and Release Archetypal Patterns and Persistent Identities. 

Deactivate Nano-technology, Elements and Chemicals, Negative Programming, Upgrading DNA, Mitochondrial, Telomere repair, EMF's and 5G, and more!

Rebuild and Strengthen the body systems, Activate and Reset many items!

We'll safely clear entities, attachments, psychic and toxic cords, dark energies, old Codon Programs, implants, dormant viruses, genetic manipulations, etc.


Release and Deactivate:

  • identify and clear millions of cords,

  • release dark energies, negative influences on the physical and energetic bodies. 

  • deactivate and release old codon programs, ancestral miasms, 

  • attachments, karmic ties, dark forces, toxic cords, and much more!

Cutting Cords and Clearing Energies:

  • Clearing cords to the Heart

  • Releasing Harmful Stress cords

  • Clear Fat Storing Toxins, Clear the Metabolism

  • Dissolve Attachments, Entrapments, Entanglements, and more.

Then We Rebuild and Strengthen the Body:

  • Reset Emotional Centers

  • Balance all hormones, neurotransmitters, body systems

  • Strengthen Metabolism and Increase Energy

  • Regenerate the Brain and Memory

Activate and Reset next:

  • Upgrade DNA and Telomeres

  • Increase Capacity to absorb Light

  • Strengthen Intuitive and Telepathic abilities

  • Increase Innate Intelligence, and so much more!

We then realign and energize the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies. These sessions are quicker, super powerful, and get right to the point.  

There's a powerful, new clearing technique I call 'Metatron's Multidimensional Spin' which you will learn to reach ALL levels, for all time, all space, all dimensions.  We still use the same Egyptian Pendulums. This is deep and fascinating work on higher dimensional levels!

You will receive the new Advanced Manual, New Charts, Cheat sheets, and a new session form to include the Advanced Charts in ALL your sessions. 

This entire portion is done in only 6 classes for all Practitioners and Grads. 

The fee is just $597. 

            PLUS 2 amazing BONUS Classes! - How to Test and Raise Your Frequency for       different areas of your life!  PLUS- Deepen your Intuitive and Telepathic Skills!

If you are a certified BFC Practitioner, you will receive a 'BioField Clearing MASTER Practitioner'  certificate when you complete this program!

                                NEXT ADVANCED CLASSES will be announced.

You will be sent the link invitation, hand-outs, charts, and video replay to review any time.



Next Advanced Course starts Thursday Oct. 5th from 4-6:00 pm EST.


                If you prefer to break it into TWO payments of $300 each, please call me at 828-777-5263.

                                                Payments have to be complete by the beginning of the class.

BioField Clearing ADVANCED Class
Online Course for BFC Practitioners and Grads only

Early Bird Admission fee for this course is $597. Once the class starts there will be no refunds.  You will receive the replay and materials in case you miss it.  Thank you. 

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Thanks for submitting! Once your payment is received you will be sent the link to join the ZOOM Class, plus all the info. Thank you! I look forward to sharing this with you!


Dear Dr. Jane,

Thank you for my wonderful Advanced Biofield Clearing session yesterday. I experienced immediate results and want to share that with you. I know there’s more to unfold from the session as time passes and I’ll share that later on, too.

My goal for the session is to unfold and recognize more innate or inner felt Grace.

Here’s a few of my early observations:

The session itself was very relaxing. I experienced floating, pulsing and waves of energy at different times. Also my telltale sign of ‘release’ is tummy gurgles and there was lots of that, although it occurred in a different part of abdomen than any previous time. After 12 years of personal clearing and more than 7,000 sessions with clients as Practitioner, I was surprised to feel and hear gurgles from left rather than right side of my abdomen.

We released millions of cords from countless lifetimes throughout the universe. This made me felt very light during, after and continues today! 

During my brain emotional clearing and reset I felt energy moving in my brain and now feel clearer, less ‘bothered and anxious’ by everyday events. It’s good to note that I didn’t realize I was bothered and anxious but noticed the difference after our session.

I will describe the state of grace as relaxed and certain of divine connection with a noticeable felt sense of ‘all is well.’ I definitely feel this in a more profound way already.

An upgrade or enhancement my innate requested during our session was ‘telepathy.’  Enhanced telepathy. I’ll be watching for this. Thank you!

Lots of Love,


Hi Dr. Jane,

Thank you so much for the awesome advanced session yesterday!  Very powerful :).


We cleared and opened my pineal gland, cutting cords and clearing calcified, sluggish energy in the pineal gland.  Also cut cords to my heart center.  I saw lots of cords being transmuted to the light.


We released and deactivated all virus, vows, contracts, parasites and suppressive energies and impediments.  I felt this vortex of light sucking it all up in the heavens.


I felt a lot of swirling energies around me that felt powerful and lots of light around me.


We rebuilt and strengthened my brain, memory, cognitive abilities and all neuro transmitters.  I could relate to as I felt that rebuilding was much needed.


We then activated and reset my pineal gland, metabolism, and thyroid. That was right on as I have thyroid issues and also metabolism issues.


I really enjoyed the new prayers and sayings and felt them deeply in my core.  I felt much lighter and clearer after the session and looking forward to learning them.

A very powerful addition. I also know Archangel Metatron has been working with me so having him in the session added so much more.  Lots of love and healing was felt during the session.  I feel very grateful to be part of this learning.


Sharon L. Crowley ~ Cert. Master BioField Clearing Practitioner

When I use BioField Clearing Advanced  with clients it really packs a lot of punch cutting old cords and energies that bind us and releasing and deactivating old stuck energies, patterns and beliefs that hinder growth.  I love too that it rebuilds and strengthens and activates and resets making it easier for people to move forward, see what needs to be changed and make those changes with greater ease.

I am so grateful to Jane and her guides for bringing these modalities to earth for us to use!

~ Gayle Ray, Cert. Master BioField Clearing Practitioner

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