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Deeply Healing our Subtle Energy Bodies

We all have a very important subtle energy body that needs healing on deeper levels. This is known as the etheric energy field - our Biofield! Besides our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, our subtle energy body processes many different aspects of us as human souls. We may build spiritual insights, increase our innate power, expand our awareness, and continuously evolve into higher states of Being who we truly are.

Our biofield is the energetic system that contains our entire spiritual and physical anatomy - body and soul. When our electrical system is balanced and flowing well, our soul can more easily express its evolved, divine state of unlimited potential. But when we still have destructive thoughts, emotional moods swings, false beliefs, old wounds and traumas, even embedded pain, or limitations, we still have things to identify and heal.

When the aura is strong and balanced, we have a wonderful sphere of natural protection against energetic and toxic influences. But when we are energetically weakened due to any aspect of our being out of balance, we can be left energetically vulnerable to all kinds of low vibrational toxic energies. Other people's anger, emotional outbursts, or general negativity. What still triggers you? We may have old traumas, wounds, or suppressed pain, that needs to be addressed.

How about the limiting beliefs, judgments, and fears that we may still hold onto? Do you think that affects our health? Our success? Our abilities? Our relationships? You bet it does! We might not even be aware that these things are buried deep in our subconscious or unconscious minds. Our innate systems and rhythms may be out of alignment, or out of balance, with our desires and intentions, and our ability to create the life we prefer.

How can we help? Biofield Clearing is a remarkable and powerful energy healing system that has been developed over the years with the help of my team of Guides! We have created numerous charts to make it easier for them to point out and assist us in what we need to heal on deeper levels for true and lasting healing. With your permission, we connect with your higher self, your Angels, Guides, Ancestors, Star counsel, and even your medical assistance team! THEY guide and assist the healing process.

Imagine discovering the real underlying reasons why you have struggled in your relationships, or your finances and career? What limiting beliefs do you still have operating behind the scenes? What ancestral patterns are still showing up, waiting to be acknowledged and released? Do you have any blocks, or cords holding you back? We all have them! Imagine the freedom and relief from clearing them once and for all!

We have now advanced our healing capabilities to include these deeper issues that need to be addressed for true and lasting healing. This is healing on the 'quantum' level - down to our core, down to the very DNA that holds these patterns, waiting to be addressed or acknowledged. But how do we find these things if they are held in our subconscious or unconscious mind?

I invite you to explore and perhaps even learn this powerful healing technique of Biofield Clearing. We are guided by the higher realms of your own personal angels and guides to what exactly YOU need to address and clear. This is not a difficult process. We then utilize ancient healing pendulums to create powerful magnetic vortexes of Light to draw out, neutralize and dissolve each item, all the way down to the core.

Once a variety of things are released, we then go to the Healing Charts to see what is needed for you to realign with your Highest and True Self! This is a truly empowering and inspiring process to be able to live your life as a Divine Being that you are, without all the old limitations! Extraordinary and sacred, every single time.

Perhaps you need to experience this for yourself to really understand it. I can guarantee that you will be amazed at what gets uncovered! I also teach this marvelous technique to anyone who wants to learn it. Whether you are a health practitioner, an energy healer, Light worker, or just someone who is drawn to deeper spiritual healing, then this is for you! Our next course starts in January. Hurry if you'd like to join us. I will be taking a limited number of students but there is still room. You may also receive the early bird discount if you apply soon! Please visit for more info, or to register.

If you have not yet experienced one of these amazing sessions, you can book it at my personal website of If it is your first time, I invite you to use this special discount code of 'Biofield30off' to receive $30 your first session! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in joining us. Thank you. I wish you the very BEST new year possible as we ascend, evolve, expand, and become more of who we truly are - powerful, Divine Beings of unlimited potential! Enjoy.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd has been in the natural, holistic health field for well over 30 years. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Intuitive Healer, Kinesiologist, Advanced Energy Healer, and licensed Avatar Master and teacher. She is committed to assisting people in healing, learning, and evolving on deeper levels. For more information, please visit her websites at,, or You may contact her at 828-777-JANE (5263)

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