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Healing Negative Depression

All Healers know that Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Stress are becoming more common than we realize. Now you can help your clients discover hidden underlying problems and help them resolve these issues quickly and easily using the Biofield Clearing technique.

Many health practitioners, like psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, energy healers, Akashic Record readers, etc. can add this proven tool of Biofield Clearing technique to work on these reachable deeper levels. It is revitalizing for your clients and patients to learn what is hindering them, keeping them stuck in a loop of chronic challenges. Once your clients discover that many of these items have been inherited from their family line, as well as ancestral issues that are deeply embedded, they can analyze it from a different vantage point to release and neutralize the deep-rooted triggers.

We find that many people are seeking this deeper form of healing. Clients appreciate the process as they keep coming back to deal with further issues. They are inspired and their energy is renewed! The healing happens in increments as they continue to raise their frequency, their mood, and their innate power. It is entirely rewarding to work with clients on this level. They keep coming back for additional sessions.

Many in todays’ society have chronic stress trapped in their nervous system, or fears and dread, anxiety and worry, and debilitating depression. Negative Depression often comes from unresolved issues from the past creating imbalances and lower vibrating energies. Bi-Polar clients often vacillate between higher vibrating energies, and lower vibrating realms which can be challenging to balance and even devastating.  

For true and lasting healing, it is essential that we identify and release anything contributing to depression and worry. We can often feel helpless and suffer in silence. But it does not have to be the case.

As you know, negative emotions all have a negative influence on us physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. It is certainly something that most people must deal with at some point in their lives. We ALL have ancestral patterns that we inherit from our parents and all ancestors of past traumas, fears, survival issues, and negative, limiting beliefs.

Most of these negative influences are held in our subconscious and unconscious minds. Our conscious mind is only about 10% of our brain, held in the pre-frontal cortex. So, these negative influencing emotions and beliefs can easily get triggered in life and we REACT. This is not a position of power, nor is it helpful.

ALL health issues, including diseases and chronic issues have an emotional component behind them that is waiting to be addressed. Yet we often find ourselves running in a loop of creating the same reactions and situations over and over. We struggle to figure out a way out! We can easily slip into depression and helplessness. People can often turn to drugs, alcohol, even food addictions to suppress those negative feelings. Yet they are persistent!

When working as a certified Biofield Clearing Practitioner, we can help many people by quickly and easily discovering what needs to be addressed and released.

Here’s what some of our clients and practitioners have stated:

"....the clearing process she used made me feel like a huge weight was lifted from me! I feel better emotionally than I have in years, maybe even decades. I highly recommend this process to anyone that has tried to change themselves or their life yet still feels stuck. The process itself was very gentle and relaxing." K.R.


"I have been using the Biofield Clearing technique since I've learned it and I am excited with the new advanced charts that were added to the curriculum. As a energy healer and Reiki practitioner, I have found this technique to be the perfect TOOL for the practitioners to better pinpoint the issues and blockages in our clients; at the same time, clients are blown away when they are able to learn the moment in their lives a blockage has been created and how that is related with the current issue they are working on. It is extremely easy to learn, and it can be used along any other modality or line of thought the practitioner has. This method is practical, fast, and effective.” C.P.


“I received so much benefit from the Biofield Clearing course that I can highly recommend it for anyone who desires to be of service in these tumultuous times. Dr. Smolnik has created a body of work that is truly comprehensive and reflects her wisdom and a lifetime of work with people as a naturopath and energy healer. I was able to incorporate Biofield Clearing into my work as a psychotherapist almost immediately, and it enhances my sessions in many ways. If you are drawn to this, take the plunge and come out the other side with a renewed sense of hope and vision for healing our core wounds, our conditioning, and our trauma.” -A.M. Lic. Psychotherapist


Since all energy is connected, you can work with clients from all over the world as long distance is not a problem. You are trained to create an energetic vortex of Light to go into their energy field, as well as the body, to neutralize, release, and dissolve any negative influences.

With the client’s permission you can connect with their Higher Self, Guides, Angels, Ancestors, and even their ‘Medical Assistant team’ (like Mother Mary, Archangels Raphael or Michael, Quan Yin, etc). They are the ones who guide these healing sessions with you. Through using a variety of well thought out charts, they point you in the right direction to uncover what exactly needs to be healed in the energy field of each individual, and even what is being triggered in their DNA that is desperately trying to get their attention. Think of things that ‘push their buttons’. As the saying goes, ‘What you resist, persists!’

We can also find out exactly what realm it came from. If it was not from this lifetime, it can often be inherited, sometimes from many generations back, or even an ancestral pattern that has been on auto-pilot for many years until someone acknowledges and heals those old trauma patterns. Or it could be an unresolved issue from a past life. It can be a relief to find out that it was not from us directly, but something that is inherited in our DNA with the intention to heal in this lifetime. We just often need assistance to uncover these hidden items.

Stress often gets imbedded in our nervous system as well. We have been a society that has a tremendous number of stressors, whether they be financial, emotional, societal, from toxins, excessive EMF’s, work stress, nutritional or hormonal imbalances, and more. When we are in a chronic stress response, our ability to sleep, rest, repair, digest, and renew ourselves gets extremely limited. Life becomes frustrating with a cascade of challenges making things worse!

For the clearing process, we use ancient Egyptian Healing pendulums based on sacred geometry, with specific techniques and commands, to create a vortex of Light to release, neutralize and dissolve these issues from their physical, emotional, and energetic bodies, including neutralizing it in their DNA.

Once you identify and clear items needing attention, the body responds. The client becomes lighter, raising their vibration and their mood. After clearing several items, you can go to the ‘Inner Healing Charts’ and see what each individual needs to realign with their True and Highest Self! This is totally empowering, proven and inspiring. The real healing that needs to take place is happening on a deeper ‘Soul Level’, not just physical or emotional. Everything starts to improve.

You end with one of the ‘21 Inner Healing Keys’, as you ask what each client needs to focus on for their inner healing. They are powerful little daily practices helping them be more aware, empowered, and aligned with their true self.

You will love how clients leave each healing session feeling happier and inspired. It is a joy to assist people in this manner. Biofield Clearing gives any health practitioner essential tools to assist them quickly and easily.  As these lower, denser emotions and frequencies are released, their entire system improves as their vibration increases every time. We see steady improvement and results continue to build.

The higher vibrating emotions like joy, love, peace, compassion, kindness, unity, and gratitude start to become evident in their lives! We focus more on the positive. These are ‘virtues’ that are at the base of our healing on a ‘Soul Level’. These are the items your client’s Soul yearns for, to be released from their Hearts. When we continue to increase our vibrations, every cell in the body responds in a healthier manner! This is an extraordinary service to offer humanity at this time.

To really help your clients on a deeper level, we have another online Biofield Clearing training program starting soon. It is an 8-week course via Zoom, 2 hours per week, with a bonus class as well! Everything you need is included, the training, replays, charts, forms, manuals, etc. You even get a printable personalized PDF of a tri-fold brochure to hand out once you’ve been certified. It’s fascinating, rewarding, profitable, and uncomplicated to become certified In Biofield Clearing. For a limited time, you can now get a discounted tuition, bringing it down to under $800. There’s a six-week Advanced Course as well, with more profound charts and a broader multi-faceted clearing technique.

For the certification process students must do 3 practice sessions with other students, 8 sessions with people (family, friends, clients) and one with the instructor. Dr. Jane will then help you fine tune your skills personally.

I inspire people to experience this type of healing, as everyone benefits from this inner healing. People are seeking out this deeper healing work! I encourage all health practitioners or energy healers to expand their healing toolbox to assist humanity on many levels. Your clients will love this powerful inner healing work. If you have not experienced a session yourself, I do offer a $30 discount for your first one. You can use the discount code ‘Biofield30off’ when you book a session with Dr. Jane on

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor with over 30 years in the holistic health field with numerous intensive training courses. She developed this system over the years recognizing the need to go deeper and include healing on a ‘Soul level’ for lasting results. With dedicated research, experimentation, and success, her Guides insisted that we now teach this as everyone today needs it. For more information, please visit for training, testimonies, classes, etc. For a personal session with Dr. Jane, please visit You may contact her at: 828-777-JANE (5263) or email

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