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Can You Heal Chronic Issues?

I often have people coming to me for Biofield Clearing for chronic conditions. Of course, any long-standing issue has some deep roots. I call them 'persistent bundles', which can include layers of experiences, beliefs, trapped emotions, core fears, blocks, cords, limitations, stuck energy, and more.

Did you know that according to German New Medicine ALL illness and disease starts as a 'shock' to the body? This is often from a trauma or traumatic experience. If it does not get healed during that lifetime, it gets passed down to the next generation and the next until it finally can be healed. We can carry items from 100 generations back in our DNA!

These items come in on an unconscious and subconscious level. They are held in our DNA and can easily and often be expressed or triggered, acting as a transparent filter we experience life through. This 'baggage' can usually be limiting and challenging in many ways. Every chronic pain, disease, and even cancers, usually have these old traumas and trapped emotions that need to be cleared so you can heal completely.

Does one session clear them? This is a question I am often asked. It is hard to say as somethings can go very deep, and have been experienced for many years, even since childhood, or inherited from traumas that go numerous generations back. Think of it this way - When we cut an old tree down, we can see numerous rings from every year it has been alive. It may be one hundred, or even several hundred years old. With Biofield Clearing it is like peeling away layers of an onion, one layer at a time, till we get to the real core of the issue. That can take a one, two, or a few sessions. (Your Guides know how much you are able to release at one time so you can integrate the shift in increments.)

If you have had a chronic condition or pain for many years and we have a session, we may eliminate 12-15 items before going into the Inner Healing Keys to realign you with your Highest Self. This may or may not reach the CORE of the issue right away. Things lighten up but may not release completely just yet. Doing several sessions, we can go deeper and deeper, clearing many items and allowing the body to return to a healthy state once again.

I had one client recently who was working on chronic pain from many years, since childhood. She said she always had it. We were starting our 3rd session when she delightfully told me that a couple of weeks after our second session, she saw an old friend who asked her about her pain issue. It was then that she had realized that it had been gone ever since our 2nd session and it has not returned!

Sometimes I see chronic anxiety issues release easily once we uncover and neutralize a shock or trauma from our ancestors, that didn't even originate with you! Imagine all the traumas that humanity has experienced over hundreds and thousands of years? These things are all coming up right now as we are experiencing a great shift in our consciousness evolution.

It doesn't matter what the issue is, every single time we do Biofield Clearing, things improve. After experiencing a powerful healing session, most people will end up wanting to do a package of 3 or even 6 sessions (at a discount) to continue and go further. They always feel calmer, more aligned, have more clarity, intuition, focus, and even may sleep better.

What we are actually doing is identifying and releasing whatever is pulling you 'off center' from being aligned with your Highest and True Self. If we truly want to ascend and raise our Vibration and frequency, it is essential that we release all this old baggage. I am astounded at how many people are drawn to this inner healing work. As a Naturopathic Doctor form many years, I realized that we need to heal on the deeper levels of our DNA in order to heal things completely.

As you know, we are not just physical bodies! Paying attention only to the physical level is not enough. It is certainly beneficial to eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, and support our physical body. It goes even further than our emotional and mental health as well. We are Souls who come into this lifetime to improve and advance from our ancestors, and even from unresolved past life issues.

When I was first developing the charts and doing this work, I realized that EVERYONE needs to do this. My Guides had said to me one night "Now you need to teach this to others." I thought to myself "What a brilliant idea!" Teaching others to offer this valuable and sacred service will assist all humanity to have this process available to them. So, they helped me fine tune this powerful process and prepare it for everyone to utilize. I am truly grateful for this work; it is a compilation of my many years of numerous trainings, as well as working with my Guides for well over 30 years.

People often take this training to learn how to use the charts and clearings for their personal use. Many go on to be certified as a Biofield Clearing Practitioner to offer this service. It is truly a gift for all of us! I encourage you to experience a session for yourself. You can work on any issue you may have. It could be relationship issues, money problems, self-esteem or self-sabotage, anxiety or depression, old grief and sadness, life purpose, addictions, insomnia, etc. It is remarkable.

We use ancient healing techniques that the Egyptians used thousands of years ago. Egyptian Pendulums based on sacred geometry are used with a specific technique to create a magnetic vortex of light to draw out and neutralize anything we have identified upon command. For every person, a unique story unfolds. This is their Soul's sacred journey. It is always remarkable, every single time!

If you are drawn to this deeper level of healing, I urge you to learn this technique. Many health practitioners, counselors, energy healers, light workers, Reiki practitioners, natural therapists, Akashic records readers, and even anyone with a passion for energy healing, can easily learn how to do this powerful inner healing work. We use 21 charts to easily identify what is hidden under the surface of our most challenging issues. Lastly you receive your next clearly described steps to support the transformation already initiated during the session – what I call “The Inner Healing Keys” for Life Enhancement.

Our next training starts this Tuesday, February 1st. It is an 8 week online Zoom training, complete with replays, manuals, charts, forms, techniques, and more. It is a turn-key type of practice once you learn it with everything you need to get started for yourself, your family, friends, and clients.

ALL of Humanity needs this! This is easily done via phone or Zoom with anyone, anywhere. There are a ton of people doing natural therapies, but not many at all doing such deep healing of the DNA. Students also practice with each other as well as receive LIVE sessions with me during the training. They also receive a deep discount for private sessions with me personally. I encourage them to experience more than one session as they can see how deep it can go.

If you have any questions, or would like to experience this work, please contact me. I have a number of videos available on my websites or my Youtube channel explaining more. I also do FREE monthly global group clearings, so stay tuned to my newsletter for details. I can proudly say that we have certified Practitioners in a number of countries now.

If you have a chronic issue, be it health, or anything else. this could be your ticket to deep healing.

Dr. Jane Smolnik is the founder and trainer for Biofield Clearing. She has over 36 years experience in the holistic health field as a true pioneer. She is a Master Herbalist, Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, certified Intuitive Healer, Quantum Energy Healer, and also a licensed Avatar Master and trainer. For personal sessions, please visit For more classes in expanding consciousness, visit You can also visit Biofield for course info as well as to find other practitioners. You can contact Dr. Jane at

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