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Are You a Victim, Reactor, or Creator Of your Life?

Your Soul has a mental body, an emotional body, an energy body, and a physical body inside of it. Who is running the show, your life? Are you stuck in your physical body and your ego mind, with all its doubts, fears, trauma’s, limitations, judgments, self- sabotage, shame, guilt, etc. running the show? If so, you are stuck!

Are you a ‘victim’, or a ‘reactor’, or a ‘creator’ in life? It depends on your intention and awareness. Can you shift those old patterns that don’t serve you anymore? Of course you can.

We have to expand our awareness to start living from your SOUL Self. Let your divine Heart and Soul be the ones orchestrating your life, being aligned with your True and Highest Self, not your limited self.

Our thoughts trigger biochemical reactions in the brain. It creates an emotion. When you feel that emotion, and you think of it, it creates a loop and it stores that emotion in the body. The stronger the emotion, the more you pay attention to it. You are now giving your power to it. Emotions are a record of the past, and it creates chemical residue. We are usually thinking in the past, and it keeps creating the same thing over and over. It is re-acting, creating a ‘loop’. Dr. Joe Dispenza calls this the Thinking - Feeling Loop.

Thoughts are the language of the brain, and feelings are the language of the body. How you think and feel creates your state of being. Your body is believing it is living in the same past experience, conditioning it to doing the same things over and over. Habits and patterns, even addictions, are created. You are programming your body. It takes effort to create change, to be present! We need to liberate those old emotions and change our brainwave patterns if we want to experience something different.

It requires a clear intention and an elevated emotion to bring the heart and mind into coherence. You can produce measurable changes in your outer world. We start to live more in the present and the unknown, creating new experiences. Now we can create deliberately, with intention. That is where the magic happens! You become a creator, not a victim or a reactor.

Witness consciousness – where we start to observe our thoughts and our feelings. We start to understand in on a gut level. Who’s doing the observing of your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, etc.? Energy is stored in the body. The moment you start paying attention to what you are thinking, behaving, etc. it is liberating. YOU are the consciousness. Observe those states without judgment or reaction. Just sit with it, transmute it. This is how we create our personal reality called life.

Your sub conscious thoughts are always going with old circuits, unless you change them. Often we are not aware of them. Are you happy being unhappy, or limited? Because it gives you attention? Excuses?

What thoughts do I want? What behaviors? What experiences? Close your eyes and rehearse your actions. Decide first, instead of re-acting. What if you can start thinking in unlimited ways? Can you teach your body emotionally before the actual experience? Can you feel abundance, wealth, wholeness, happiness, etc? The moment you start feeling it, you start finding new experiences. It requires re-education of the way we think, feel, and create, using our intention.

Build a model of understanding. Demystify the process. Install a new hardware into your brain. Modify your behaviors, demonstrate it. Teach your body chemically what your mind understands. Signal new genes, new ways, and repeat the experiences neuro-chemically for the mind and body to become one. Go from knowledge, to mind, to mastering it. Experience enriches your brain. Doing it over and over teaches your body chemically. Embody the truth of that philosophy. Repeat it. It becomes innate! Its second nature.

Go from knowledge, to experience, to mastery, to wisdom. Go from thinking, to doing, to being. Never stop learning! Reprogram the way you think about reality. We all have programmed limitations. Are you committed to improving your life?

Learn the science of transformation. Make time for yourself. Learn how to expand your awareness in new and different ways. When you invest in yourself you invest in your future. Sit with your thoughts, meditate. Get familiar with them. Decide to Shift them!

Think about them, breathe into them, feel into them with your heart, and use higher energy emotions, like love, compassion, kindness, gratitude. Then you start to change and shift, people notice. New opportunities happen.

Change your breathe to change your brainwaves. Breathe slowly, pay attention to your heart, and use elevated emotions. Breathe and feel those emotions, creates coherence. Changes the magnetic field. You are literally changing your physiology. Combine a clear intention with an elevation emotion. You will start to see it coming to you. Feel it with your heart. Then lay the intent of what you want to experience!

I am offering a 4 week online training course called ‘Developing Inner Mastery’ starting September 7th. If you’d like to start to understand on deeper levels how we operate, and learn fun and simple techniques to expand our awareness, how our attention works, what keeps us in the loop of reacting, and how to easily shift things, then this training is for you.

If you’d like to become more intuitive, feel into life more, even be able to receive information from others energetically, and how to communicate with nature, then this is a great place to learn and explore more of your innate abilities. It is experiential as well as informational, so you start to understand and experience things on a cellular level. It becomes a part of who you are, what you know, and how you operate. Of course, practice helps us go deeper and helps it become innate, more instinctual.

Visit my website at for more info, or to register. Hurry, it starts soon. Get the early bird discount before it goes away September 1st. I hope to see you on this Zoom training soon. It is four weeks on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm EST.

Dr. Jane Smolnik has over 36 years experience in the holistic health and consciousness field. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive Healer, licensed Avatar Master, and the developer of the BioField Clearing method. She resides in the beautiful mountains just outside of Asheville, NC with her husband Jack Boyd. She enjoys gardening, playing with their 9 grand children, and teaches online classes and courses for folks everywhere. Visit her websites at,, and for more info. You can contact her at 828-777-JANE (5263).

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