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What Keeps Us From Being Powerful, Successful Beings?

Ever wonder why there are certain things in our life that just seem to go around and around and not really improving? It could be a chronic health problem, relationship issues, financial challenges, or even as simple as problems with insecurity and self-doubt. I know I have. I may have created and learned lot's of wonderful things in my life, and have done a ton of inner work, but I can still get caught up in old insecuriteies, fear of rejection, etc. What are the hidden influences that create this?

Our DNA stores EVERYTHING, from every lifetime we’ve had, every experience, thoughts, actions, our astrology patterns, our cellular memories, our Akashic records, our genetics, family patterns, ancestral trauma's, everything! We are constantly communicating with our DNA either consciously or unconsciously. Every cell in our body contains this DNA, our blueprint of who we are, no matter where you take the DNA from, it always contains ALL of this information. Can you change it? YES!

We have largely been unaware of the fact that WE are in charge of everything we

create! WE have the power and capability to change anything, create anything, heal

anything, experience anything we choose. Can you change your DNA, your thoughts,

patterns, history? Can you change HOW you look at your past? What’s your


Every one of us has thousands of quantum bits of information held in our DNA, our energy field, and even our cellular memories. I know for myself, from my upbringing, family history, ancestral patterns, there are numerous limitations that I inherited. I have had to identify them since most are subconscious, and also learn how to clear, release, or neutralize them. Everytime I do, my life shoots up like a rocket.... till I hot a new glass ceiling!

This is the reason I created the BioField Clearing charts and techniques. It is always fascinating, sacred, and very effective. When we focus on what your primary concerns are, we can ask your innate intelligence, your Higher Self, your Guides, Angels, etc. to guide us through the 18 charts to quickly identify what has been holding us back. We can easily determine what age it became trapped, and even if it is inherited from our family line, our ancestors, or a past life issue that was not resolved yet. It's a brilliant system!

What keeps us from being the powerful, successful, Divine Beings that we truly are?

I would love to demonstrate and share with you a powerful group clearing on what is keeping us, collectively, from being the highest and best Self we can possibly be! What has been pulling us 'off center'? Holding us back? Limiting our inner power? There can be so many hidden influences!

Join me for a free ZOOM presentation to discover how this works, and experience for yourself a real, effective and deep clearing! Next Tuesday, March 9th, at 7:00 pm EST - you can register here:

I see so many people who are not fully healing, no matter what they try, or finding the perfect partner, or having the success they have craved for so long. Do you want to be more aligned with your Highest Self, your Inner Soul? Then we have to be aware of what things are holding us back, pulling us off center! it can be trapped emotions, trauma's, core fears, inner challenges, limiting beliefs, blockages in the body, or the energy centers, and often can be unconscious patterns from our ancestors or our family line. We might even have toxic cords, dark energies, old codon programs (DNA codes), harmful stress cords, and other suppresive energies.

So let's take a journey through the charts together to determine as a group for everyone on the Zoom meeting, what we all have in our collective field that needs to be cleared, or neutralized! This is powerful energy work. We use ancient Egyptian Pendulums based on sacred geometry with specific techniques to create a powerful vortex in the energy field to draw them out and clear them. Problems can often shift, disappear, correct themselves, as we renew and realign with our Highest Self. Your life will improve!

After clearing a number of items, we then use the 'Inner Healing Keys' and a few more powerful charts to determine what is needed to infuse in the energy field for your upliftment and true inner healing. It's always a sacred process, one that I am honored to share with folks, and even teach the training course for you to do it yourself. You can even get certified as a 'BioField Clearing Practitioner' to be able to provide this powerful service for humanity!

So please mark your calenders for next Tuesday evening and join us for a magical event! Invite your friends or family to join us as well. You'll want to experience the energy clearing LIVE as we do it together. (It will be recorded and uploaded to my Youtube channel after if you miss it.)

If you'd like to find out more about it, or the upcoming class, please visit my website at:, or to book a personal session with me, visit

You can also book a free 15 minute 'Discovery Call' with me to find out more. I look forward to seeing you next week! Thank you.

Jane Smolnik has always been a pioneer in the field of holistic health and inner consciousness training as a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, certified Intuitive Healer, and licensed Avatar Master with over 30 years experience. She has had numerous trainings, and certifications to teach consciousness courses, light therapy and frequencies for healing, among a broad range of other modalities. You can visit her websites at, or for mroe info. Contact her at 828-777-JANE (5263) for more info.

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