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Commiting To Your Spiritual Journey

Do you aspire to further your Spiritual Journey and live your life in joy? Are you spiritually mature, or still a youngster in this area having not done much 'inner work' to relieve yourself from heavy burdens, sorrow, despair, old karmic patterns, residual fears or trauma's associated with backwards spiritual motion? Honesty assess yourself and any aspects of your life that have lost their appeal and deflect you from your Soul's true path. For example, what recurring issues are still plaguing you? Your commitment to your personal evolution and progression on this path aligns you with your Absolute Harmonious Divine Self! Life becomes a JOY.

What if you had a direct tap to a 'Cosmic Hotline'? Often our telepathic abilities are overshadowed by our incessant 'ego mind', which prefers to analyze everything and often manipulates this multilevel information to fit our traditional, limited belief systems. The level of spiritual immaturity and cosmic ignorance the masses demonstrate can drag down their spiritual reserves. We are the ones keeping ourselves limited in our creative power and inner joy! Perhaps you are ready to take a leap and clear out some of the old, limiting patterns once and for all.

This is a sacred journey each of us must embark on at some point in our evolution. If you are desiring to advance yourself and truly 'HEAL' from so many limiting past influences, we now have an effective method to connect with your 'team' of Higher Self, your Guides, Angels, Medical Assistant Team, etc. to guide us on this journey. This is a sacred and powerful process called 'BioField Clearing'.

Our BioField often contains unconscious wounds, trauma’s, core fears, limiting beliefs, cellular memories, and even inherited and ancestral patterns trapped in our energy field, causing physical and emotional imbalances, including chronic pain. They can limit us in all aspects of our lives, including relationships, health, personal and financial success.

BioField Clearing is a comprehensive system using 18 charts and specific methods to easily identify and then clear these challenges, or negative influences, from our energy field, held deep into our subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as our DNA. The ability to release and clear items is truly a matter of choice, decision, and intention. BFC is a formal way to set it in motion with your request, permission, and intention. This is where true healing happens, realigning you with your Highest Aspect of True Self.

We can identify and then clear, or neutralize, very specific details that contribute to any issue (such as: emotional challenges, core fears, inner challenges, limiting beliefs, where blocked or stuck energy is held, blockages to self-empowerment, relationship challenges, and adverse archetypes).

If required, we can discover where the issue initially began – this current life, prenatal, inherited family pattern, past life issue, ancestral lineage, ego mind, karma, or entity. We ALL carry the memory of past wounds and trauma's that humanity has gone through, brought upon by darker hidden influences that are now dispersing. Are you ready to clear these?

·Lastly your Guides will direct us to your next clearly described steps to support the transformation already initiated during the session – what I call “The Inner Healing Keys” for Life Enhancement.

Advanced BioField Clearing gives us access to several additional charts and a powerful multidimensional healing technique, thereby promoting even deeper transformation through all times, dimensions, and levels. Instead of presenting issues for clearing, clients now focus on the vision or intention they desire to activate. This advanced level of work sets new codes in place that continue to lift us to higher realms and states of conscious awareness to facilitate the “awakening” process.

Results are increased intuition, empathy, telepathy, expanded awareness, including infinite abilities and potential. After the clearing work, we activate, strengthen, and reset the physical and energetic bodies, including our DNA and our capacity to absorb Light.

We end this process by gently realigning, energizing, and balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and then finding your personal Inner Healing Keys for your Life Enhancement Steps.

What is the BioField Clearing process?

Clients prepare ahead of time by deciding on three issues where they desire change. With my client’s permission to take us both into their Soul’s Records, I connect us with my client’s Guides, Angels, Higher Self, Ascended Masters and Star Counsel teachers to bring in the extra information and powerful Divine Healing always accessible through the Akashic Field. Dowsing the charts, I identify what’s ready for clearing and then together we invoke the powerful clearing.

Using ancient Egyptian tools based on sacred geometry, we create a magnetic vortex to clear out these default patterns, and then infuse your energy field with the loving, balancing, and healing energy of Divine Golden Light. When Divine Energy is the source of healing, amazing things can happen! We end by identifying your next steps helpful to complete your transformation process, such as empowering beliefs and what you need to master to create lasting healing in every way.

This is an excellent process to release those perplexing, underlying causes of health issues while you continue to work in conjunction with your Medical Practitioner(s).

Please Note: The two levels of BFC are most effective when they are not just a one time process but rather a spiritual progression of development into higher realms and states of being. (It's like peeling away layers of an onion getting down to the core.) Once enough essential work is completed with BFC, we are guided to incorporate the Advanced BFC process.

Cleaning and clearing all our filters help us to experience a higher vibration,

a lighter frequency of being, more joy and effectiveness.

Save $$ by committing to a series of 3 or 6 sessions at a discount. Sessions can be done every two weeks (so you have time to integrate the process) or whenever you feel the need to go deeper. Sessions are done by phone and recorded for your review.

To learn how to facilitate this powerful healing art, please join us for the next upcoming BioField Clearing Course. This is an 8 week Master Class training with Dr. Jane, two hours each week. You recive all instruction, charts, manual, replays, support, as well as Live sessions with Jane, and other students. Certification is available for those who want to become a certified BFC Practitioner. Many folks enjoy learning this for their own personal growth and use as well.

For more information, please visit:

Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND is the founder and creator of this process, with the assistance of her many Guides. She teaches a certification program for others, as well as doing private sessions long distance via phone. Your session is recorded and sent to you along with your session notes. You can contact Jane At 828-777-JANE (5263) for more info.

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