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The Ancient Keys to Healing!

What is coming up for people everywhere is not just what supplements, or dietary changes do you need, but how can we go deeper to provide true and lasting healing? We ALL have blocks, trauma's, cellular memories, trapped emotions, limiting negative beliefs, blocked chakra's, ancestral and inherited patterns buried in our subconscious energy field that limit our ability to experience a healthy, happy life of joy. This 'joy' has been something I had been chasing for most of my life. It seemed elusive, or only temporary. We can have many old vows, wounds, trauma's, violence, karma, betrayals, doubts and fears that under lie our lives, even if we are not aware of them.

Let the Clearing go DEEP......

Now the biggest shift in holistic healing is going to the deepest recesses of our subconscious energy, into our cells and clearing our DNA of these inherited tendencies. We are at a time when many people are shifting to higher states of awareness and lightness of being, BUT we cannot actually do it while we still have a bunch of old baggage to release. THIS IS WHERE TRUE HEALING HAPPENS!

Every single disease has a difficult emotional component attached to it. We may block it, deny it, or avoid it. We usually have residual patterns or unhealed challenges from our past lives that we are still working through. Whatever it is, it does not have to be a long drawn out or difficult process.

I have been contemplating shifting my practice for quite a while now and my guides have made it VERY CLEAR! I have developed over the years the Emotional Release Work I do, and now am taking it further. I am passionate about using some very powerful ancient Egyptian Tools, and over 16 charts I have developed to easily identify these trapped, subconscious components that keep us stuck, in pain, or from really thriving as we are meant to be. The power in these ancient dowsing tools have been used for over 3000 years to effectively clear these energies. Our ancient ancestors and even shamans used this wisdom along with these tools to facilitate the healing process.

One of the reasons I do not like to use muscle testing very often is because many people are not easily or accurately 'testable'. If someone is dehydrated, they do not test well. When the neck or spine is out of alignment at all, they do not test well. Also, when someone is in a chronic sympathetic stress response, they do not test accurately. This leaves dowsing tools and a proficiency in the technique for gaining accuracy. Plus it is something that is easily done long distance. I can work with anyone on the planet, as long as I have their name, age, and location. I was trained to read their 'energy patterns' or connect with their innate field to dowse for information and start the clearing process.

This powerful work, when done well, can often result in sudden disappearance of:

~ chronic pains

~ physical health problems

~ self-sabotage

~ relationship problems

~ financial/abundance issues

Just using dietary changes and supplements alone can be very helpful for rebalancing the physical health, but we actually need to balance and heal the emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual bodies as well to truly be balanced, healthy, thriving, and even enlightened!

So my work is now focusing on providing this service for more and more people, everywhere! I was also guided to offer this as a certification program for ALL health practitioners and health enthusiasts to be trained in this simple, yet ancient art. You can visit my website at: for info about the training.

I am honored to be able to provide this sacred work for so many. We will work on clearing the patterns underlying your major concerns, be they serious health problems, past trauma's, relationship issues, financial issues, chronic pains, sleep problems, or deeper personal feelings. We also will infuse the new 'space' that's been cleared with positive, loving energy for lasting changes. For booking a private session please go to: or get a bundle of sessions to go deeper and deeper for a 20% discount.

Jane Smolnik is a Holistic Healer, Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and certified Intuitive Healer. She has a practice in Asheville, NC and works with folks by phone or online from anywhere. Please visit her websites for more info at and You may contact her at: 828-777-JANE (5263).

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