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Release Stuck Patterns In Your Life!

Have you ever wondered WHY things keep showing up in your life? It often seems like we are going around in circles, not knowing how to stop the hamster wheel of life. We can all have repeating patterns in one or more areas of our lives. Relationships can often repeat similarities, but with different partners. Health issues can linger for many years, even if you have tried everything under the sun to heal them. Finances seem to always reach a glass ceiling which limits our success. Our tendency for self-sabotage often comes out of the shadows whenever we try hard to improve ourselves. We procrastinate, feel insecure, give up, then pick ourselves up and keep going anyway, hoping for change. But how does change actually happen?

We might have the best intentions and clear visions of what we want to create in our lives, and even have a number of successes. But do you ever feel limited, or stuck, or not powerful enough? Most of us have our own version of not being enough... not smart enough, sexy enough, talented enough, loved enough, respected enough, and so on. Affirmations just don't cut it. It's like putting perfume on old stinky stuff! We ALL have limiting patterns in our energy field that actually cling to our DNA, waiting for us to finally clear them out. It's part of our Soul's journey, our deeper purpose here. Things like limiting beliefs, old trauma's, core fears, blocked energy, stuck emotional patterns like frustration (my favorite), anxiety, chronic worry, feeling conflicted, fear of failure, shame, and more can be the hidden drivers that short-circuit our attempts. So we just go have some fun and accept what is.... until next time we try to grow and change our lives. Did you know that as humans we inherit patterns, both good and bad, from our family, as well as our ancestry going WAY back? We can even have unhealed issues from our previous lives that keep reoccurring. Our human family has been through many thousands of years of traumas, suppression, wars, famines, genocide, rapes, racism, and more. When these trauma's get stuck in someone's energy field and they don't get completely resolved, they get passed down to the next generation, on and on. They are hidden in our vast subconscious and unconscious minds waiting to be healed, only to show themselves when we try to create over them. Now there is a way to quickly and easily identify all the issues underlying your biggest concerns in life. BioField Clearing is the art of dowsing a variety of charts to determine what exactly is in our own particular pattern of limitations, unhealed forces. We start off with permission, and a short prayer to connect with someones Higher Self, their Guides, Masters, Teachers, etc. It is with astonishing accuracy that things will be revealed that are ready and waiting to be released. Everyone's journey is unique and deep. We use 12 charts for identifying things like recurring emotions, fears, blocks, limiting beliefs, inner challenges, stuck chakra's, addictions, blockages to self-empowerment, archetypes, and more. Once revealed, we can determine when and where it came from, bringing it out of the unconscious and into the conscious awareness where we can then release it. This goes much deeper than most any other modality for truly holistic healing. The 'Clearing' process is unique and powerful. We use specific ancient Egyptian pendulums based on sacred geometry to create a powerful magnetic vortex, kind of like a tornado, in the persons energy field (remotely) to go all the way to the core and release it from all time, space and dimensions, easily, safely, and gently. It is like erasing a hard drive. Once it is brought into the conscious awareness, that is when we have power over it and can easily clear it for good. Once a variety of patterns have been cleared, we then use another 6 charts to 'lock in' and infuse the energy field with the beneficial things you may need to create a more empowered life. These may include what virtues you are here to 'master' (hint: we all have at least one or two predominant ones), what empowering beliefs are helpful for you, what do you need for your Infinite-Beingness? What exactly are YOUR keys to Inner Healing? We then infuse the cleared space in your energy field with these positive, beneficial energies, locking them in with other powerful Egyptian pendulums to infuse the Divine Golden Light, aligning with your inner Soul and highest aspect of your true self. This work is very powerful indeed! Anyone can learn how to do this. It is also a certification course for Practitioners to utilize in their practice to assist humanity at this precious precipice of time as we are truly awakening, ascending, and healing all the old wounds of humanity. Life becomes lighter, easier, more joyful, as we feel more of our innate power coming through in every thing we choose to manifest! Healing can happen on very deep levels, even old chronic pains and health issues may suddenly disappear. This is ideal for personal use, as well as professional use in any practice. Whether you are a therapist, counselor, energy or holistic healer, or just an enthusiast, this can offer much deeper healing work to really serve humanity right now. This is something EVERYONE needs to truly 'lighten up' and clear out old, stuck energy. I invite you to discover more about this fine healing art. The next eight week master-class series is coming up soon. This is a LIVE online training for 2 hours once a week. You will receive all instruction, training, manual, charts, and have fun doing it. As you learn how to do this, you will be giving and receiving sessions with a few other students as your practice. It is very eye-opening and liberating. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about it at 828-777-JANE (5263). I look forward to working with another amazing group! Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Certified Intuitive Healer, and Quantum Energy Therapist. She has been working in the holistic field for well over 30 years. Her passion is teaching people to expand their awareness further and heal on deeper Soul levels. You may visit her websites at,, and for more info or to contact her.

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