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Welcome to the NEW DNA!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Welcome to a brilliant NEW DECADE!What if you could help yourself (and others) identify and clear out many of the old, stuck issues that cling to your DNA? They are held in your energy field, your unconscious mind, and usually work behind the scenes to limit your ability to create the successful, happy life you truly desire - it all it’s fabulous glory!If you are a health practitioner, or energy healer, and you have clients who never seem to truly heal, you know they also have underlying issues that need to be identified and cleared.

This certification training can help your practice, and your life, tremendously! It is MORE than just affirmations, or clearing emotions, or tapping, or having a positive mindset. All of those things can be helpful of course, but they will not mitigate any underlying limiting beliefs, core fears, blocks, and inherited influences. Wait till you see just how much can be in our subconscious and unconscious field!

If you never want to feel stuck again, or have the same type of patterns repeat themselves, then you need to find out how to clear them.

It’s like peeling away layers of an onion, going deeper and deeper to get to the CORE of the issue and release it for good! We are allowing the seed to blossom.

This goes deeper than you can imagine! What if you could easily and quickly identify what is behind every illness, relationship challenge, financial blocks, self-sabotage, and more?

What are you truly healing in this lifetime? HINT:Taking the right vitamins, herbs, CBD, or changing the diet drastically is not enough to heal on the deeper Soul levels. These things can certainly help support the physical body, but as you know, we are SO much more than just physical beings.

This is Dr. Jane Smolnik. I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive Healer, Master Herbalist, licensed Avatar Master. I have been working in the holistic health field for well over 30 years. I have always been passionate about exploring our metaphysical and consciousness abilities, expanding our awareness to unlimited realms, clearing out old beliefs, and how exactly we create our reality. I have had extensive training since 1990 and am licensed to teach experiential courses on how we actually create our lives deliberately.

First of all, I believe that we are actually UNLIMITED! In fact, my favorite insight back in the 90’s was ‘Even my degree of certainty in my unlimitedness, is unlimited!’ We just keep expanding further. There is no END. Just like there’s no end to the internet!

I believe that each of us come into his lifetime with certain things we choose as a Soul to work on and heal, things that have been clinging to our DNA and limiting our success. Often these are buried in our subconscious field and exert themselves by default as we go about create a healthy, happy, productive, fulfilling, joyful life!

Did you know that we have over 25,000-35,000 building blocks in our DNA? Every cell in your body has the exact same DNA, and holds the Blueprint for your life - both positive and negative. Can we shift it, clear it? Absolutely.

We can have old trauma’s from our earlier life, prenatally, inherited, and even passed down from our ancestors, clinging to our DNA. We can have core fears, trapped emotions, inner challenges, and forms of self-sabotage, as well as addictions, that keep reappearing.

We can have blocks in our organs, tissues, glands and chakra’s, Our thinking ego-mind has it fears, doubts, worries, judgments, limitations, and more, which muddles up our view of reality, as well as our ability to create clearly what we truly desire.

As an example, have you ever tried to create a truly successful and abundant path in your work life, following your passion, only to discover you have an underlying unconscious belief that you are not good enough, or not deserving, or respected? Or not smart enough? I know I have!

Perhaps there is a real block in your root chakra, or your heart chakra, blocking your ability to RECEIVE. I know that was a real challenge for me that actually was handed down from many generations of struggles in life. No matter how passionate I was about creating my dreams, I always seemed to reach a glass ceiling, I felt ‘tethered’ like I had weights holding me back from really taking off and flying as high as I wanted to go.

There can be MANY layers of fears, doubts, circumstances, trauma’s, beliefs, even cultural trauma’s that can follow us around if they have not been truly healed, waiting for the miracle of release and healing!

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US on this planet has some things to release, some negative influences that limit us. We are now in a time of rapid expansion and growth as we are being called to achieve increasingly higher states of greater awareness and sensitivity!

We are being called to transform and evolve to a new level of participating on this planet— a higher dimension of being - playing at a whole NEW level!

What if you could identify and clear a number of blocks, limitations, sub-conscious beliefs, and stuck energy in any area of your life? Easily, safely and completely?What if you could accelerate your clarity, uncover your true purpose, raise your frequency, and manifest anything?

There is NO limit to what you can truly experience! I have developed this powerful new program called 'BIO-FIELD CLEARING' and have been using these charts for number of years. I realized that EVERYONE of us needs to do this work, clearing out all the negativity, old trauma’s, judgments, and more. It is liberating and truly a greatly needed service to humanity at this time.

My guides recently made it clear to me that I needed to teach this to other practitioners so they can offer it too. I though it was a brilliant idea! So they helped me fine tune this course to be available to anyone who wants to learn it, whether for personal use, or to get certified to use with others.

First, we find out what your main concerns are in life - such as a health issue, chronic pain, relationship issues, financial challenges, self-sabotage, insomnia, depression, or anything else.

Then we use this powerful, precise 3 part process:

IDENTIFYING - We use 12 charts and a bio-tensor to quickly and easily identify what is holding you back, and how far back it goes. It can be a trauma from this lifetime, something that happened prenatally, or an inherited influence, even ancestral and cultural patterns or trauma’s that got stuck in the energy field and passed down to heal. It could even be unresolved past life issues, or agreements, you still haven’t completed. It can be emotional challenges, core fears, limiting beliefs, blockages, addictions, archetypes, identities, or more!

THE CLEARING - Once identified, we use ancient Egyptian pendulums based on sacred geometry to create a powerful magnetic vortex to clear out the challenge from the energy field from all time, space and dimensions. We can clear a number of items fairly quickly.

THE INNER HEALING - We use another 6 charts to now add positive influences, empowering beliefs, what is needed for inner healing, what virtues are your gifts, and even what is needed for you to Master your Infinite Being-ness! Even 18 Keys to Inner Healing - all specific to your clients needs.

We use another powerful Egyptian tool to infuse your energy field with this healing and balancing energy of Divine Golden Light, knowing it is the Highest aspect of your true self, the full expression and alignment with your inner Soul which fills you with rich fulfillment and true lasting healing.

You can work with ANYONE on the planet by phone!If you are called to truly discover the depth and width of your innate skills, you are ready to work with us. Everyone can learn more about how their consciousness abilities work, and use them to your advantage.

Learn the magic of connecting to the Quantum Field of Source Energy!We invite you to participate in this course of true self evolvement. Transcend your limits. Only YOU can decide how far you will go.  Watch your life blossom as you experience more insights, more power, more love, more light, and more peace…..

Are you ready to go much further in your life? Does this give you chills? Does it seem like something you are drawn to do?

This is not for everyone, but so many of you are READY! And so many people are ready to receive it.If you are tired of making excuses, feeling limited or stuck in some areas, not able to achieve all that your Soul truly desires, you maybe ready for this. You will know if it is something that resonates with you. I will teach you how to MASTER this process - easily!

I have just taken 23% OFF the price of this Online Practitioner Certification Training Course!Hurry, I still have a few spots left for this upcoming online course! Next course starts next Thursday, June 25th, at 7:00 PM EST. It is an eight-week Master Class series.

I am SO honored to be able to share this with the world. I am grateful to my inner Guides who have assisted me in this development. It is the accumulation of my life’s work, in service to humanity.

So if you are clearly interested, visit my website at and register TODAY! (You will also find an informative webinar recording there.) Right now you can also get 20% OFF a personal BioField Clearing Session with me personally just by saying you read this blog or watched my webinar! Check out my website for more info.

Please join me in sharing this amazing healing protocol. It is an amazing, beautiful service to provide humanity at this time. Thank you! I am wishing the BEST and Highest Life possible.Many Blessings for a wonderful new year! Dr. Jane

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive Healer, as well as the creator of the powerful BioField Clearing System. She has been a teacher, educator, writer, and healer in the holistic health field for over 30 years. Jane resides in Asheville, NC and works with people from all over. Please visit her website at: for more info or contact her at: 828-777-JANE (5263).

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