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Become An Energy Alchemist!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

It is always wise to pay attention to our physical health. We need to eat wholesome food, drink plenty of water, sleep well, exercise and remove toxic build-up from our bodies for them to function well. Balancing our hormones, nutrients, reducing inflammation and relieving pain are of utmost importance. But what if that is only the 'tip of the iceberg'?

This is like only paying attention to what we see in our daily physical reality (top of the iceberg), but are we ignoring all the DEEP underlying things that also contribute not only to our health, but also to our relationships, how successful we are, our addictions, chronic pains, and the ways we can sabotage ourselves?

Our minds play a huge role in our lives, including not only our conscious thoughts, but also our subconscious and even our unconscious mind. Underlying issues can be on 'automatic pilot', our default mode.

We ALL come into this lifetime with inherited patterns that still need to be healed. Sometimes we call these 'pre-dispositions' to diseases. At their core we often find old trauma's, core fears, negative beliefs, chronic anxiety, and inner challenges that still need to be addressed for true and lasting healing. When we accomplish this, we heal and release these patterns from all future generations as well. Wouldn't that be nice!

I have worked on identifying, clearing and releasing old beliefs and patterns for many years now, and assisting others in this process. After doing much of this work years ago, my life shot up like a rocket! When we release the old blocks, trauma's, emotions, vows, poverty, and limitations, we evolve and grow in our lives. We expand our awareness, increase our inner power, become more clear about WHO we really our, identify our true purpose, and gain wisdom and insights that are invaluable. This is how inner joy is truly created, or should I say 'revealed'.

Imagine chronic pains going away, even harsh illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease shifting as we clear the old inherited patterns building up to them. THIS is what we are all here trying to do now. I truly believe that if we only pay attention to our physical bodies needs and not go a little deeper to release these negative energies. our 'healing' is limited and not complete. If you want more vibrancy, more energy, more happiness and even more success in your life, it may be time for you to invest in doing some extra work. It is not difficult and it does not take a long time to accomplish.

With the 'BioField Clearing' we can now easily identify and release all of these old patterns easily, safely and completely. This is exactly the work I am passionate about! I have developed 16 charts and use master dowsing tools and ancient healing devices to quickly identify what needs to be cleared right now. In one session we often easily clear about 10-12 items, and replace the old stuck patterns with fresh new positive energies. This is one of the BEST things you can do for your inner health and well being. Life becomes more joyful.

Right now I am offering a $25 discount on appointments for the first 10 people who want to do some deeper clearing work! Hurry and get your appointments set. Mention this article and you will get your special discount. i want everyone to be able to enjoy this healing work right now. I am also teaching a certification program for all health practitioners to learn how to offer this valuable work. It is a time when we are all being called to clear out the old energies that are bringing us down! Get off the old 'hamster wheel' and stop spinning your wheels. Isn't it time you became ALL that you truly are meant to be, inside and out?

Dr. Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist and certified Intuitive Healer with over 30 years experience in the holistic field. She has a private practice in Asheville, NC and works with folks from all over by phone or online. Please visit her website for more info at For the certification classes, visit: www.

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