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Do You Need An Energetic 'Power Wash'?

How can you tell if your energy field needs a good cleaning? I was just enlightened recently by cleaning my deck. We just moved into a beautiful new mountain home, surrounded by nature. It has a 60 ft. long front porch, perfect for sunny mornings listening to the birds while sipping my tea. To the west side is a larger deck, perfect for evening dinners, and hanging out with good friends. It looked so great with some whimsical, colorful accents, nice deck furniture, flowering plants, and even lining the sunny side with gorgeous crystals. My good friend came to visit and kept insisting that we needed to clean and re-stain the deck. She has a house painting business so she noticed how much it needed it. I thought it looked perfectly fine the way it was. But at her insistence, we agreed to have her and her team come stain it, but first we had the task of cleaning and preparing it. At first I was annoyed, that I had other more important things to do here. This didn't seem like a priority, yet I agreed to the task. What an eye-opening job that was!

The front porch was protected by the covered roof, and although it looked fine to me, I was stunned to see how dirty it actually was, with a few stains as well. Cleaning it definitely lightened and brightened it, like magic, making it look brand new again. A good part of the side deck was in the light of the sun most of the day and actually appeared to look great, although there were some green mold areas where the sun didn't hit, like under the railings and in the corners. Plus soot from the grill gave it a darker tint in that area. Gray areas accumulated as well. We also had some black caked-on stuff, not sure if it was dirt or mold, but most likely both. This was in the corners of the steps, and along the sides, both front and back. That dark stuff took some major scrubbing with a strong cleaner and more muscle to eliminate completely. When it was all done, I was so delighted at the huge difference it made! Instead of looking dark, it was light. Clean, instead of dirty. New, instead of old. Fresh, instead of moldy. We gave it new beautiful life and with the proper protective stain, gave it a much longer time to endure the storms, as well as the sun. It made me realize how we have such similar needs for deep cleaning. We have lots of areas in our lives that are shining in the 'light' so to speak. These areas are easier for us. Yet we all have dark corners, hidden places that never see the light directly. We have unconscious wounds, perhaps some trauma's, old stuck energy, limiting beliefs that seem dormant, lurking in darker areas. Yet when inspected, they emerge easily when we are trying to create new things in our life.

We can cover things up with beautiful scenery, interesting distractions, positive statements, and make it look like all is going great. Yet with a keen, mindful eye, we see the areas that need work. We see the potential of what could be. We see what needs to be cleaned and renewed. We see accumulated dirt, dust, residue, stains, mold, and all. How do we make our energy fields brighter? More resilient? How do we do the dirty work to renew everything, making it function much better? How hard is it going to be? What is it going to take? Who has time for that? With BioField Clearing, we do exactly that! It's like an energetic 'power wash'! The areas in the light may still have some dust and dirt accumulated, so they get cleared away easily. Using a variety of in-depth charts and dowsing tools, we can quickly identify what is lurking in the corners, hidden areas, places that don't see the light. We can go very deep not only into negative energies that accumulated during our lives, but also dig up the inherited patterns, old ancestral wounds from wars, famines, trauma's, suppression, genocides, and more that were never completely healed. They get stuck in our energetic DNA, passed down through generations until they are healed and released for good. They tend to be hidden in our unconscious memories, emerging like anchors trying to pull us down, trying to get our attention to the work that still needs to be done to clear it out. If you have areas of your life that tend to be darker, have shadows, accumulations of toxic energy (and we ALL do), then you need an Energetic Power Wash! Not only can we now identify these areas, they can easily be wiped clean, like erasing a hard drive - never to be seen again. Some areas you have to go a few times, to get to the real core of the debris. Once cleared, a beautiful protective layer can be applied to the newly prepared area to make it shine, function better, and last longer. We use another 6 charts to identify the positive influences that you need to create true, lasting inner healing. What empowering beliefs can be installed, how can you master the virtues trying to emerge from your Soul? What do you need to master for your infinite being-ness? How do you bring your heart into coherence with your inner-most Soul? These beautiful energetic gifts get infused and locked into your energy field, with the Divine Golden Light to be integrated and utilized in a healthy, sacred, and creative manor. Your life becomes easier, lighter, brighter, you become a more powerful creator, and just a joy to be around. This is worth the bit of work you need to do, the little bit of time and expense to get the best assistance, and proper tools for an efficient job. This is TRUE healing! It is not just about taking the right supplements, or changing the diet, or covering it up with positive affirmations. It is a real power-wash of old accumulated energy. We are taking responsibility and taking care of our energy field, not just our physical body. Now, even if it had no decorations to distract you, or flowers to bring temporary beauty, or crystals to dazzle you, it would look gorgeous just on it's own. The beauty of the grain of the wood would shine through, each board having it own unique pattern, made from nature herself! Gorgeous indeed. Want your life to shine and bedazzle? I marvel at the changes in myself since doing this inner clearing work! So can you. To learn more about BioField Clearing, to find a certified Practitioner, or to take the online training course to learn how to do it yourself, please visit, or Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND has developed this powerful technique using ancient Egyptian Healing pendulums used for thousands of years, as well as developing the charts and techniques. She teaches the eight week online master classes, with a new one starting June 25th. To contact her for more information, please call 828-777-JANE (5263).

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