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It's NOT About Relief, It's About GROWTH!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

What is TRUE Healing? It is NOT just about getting relief. Of course, that is helpful for the physical body, but real healing goes much deeper. A pharmaceutical drug, as well as many supplements may offer a chemical reaction to help relieve a symptom, or a chronic pain, but does it really heal? Not usually.

We are much more than just physical bodies. We hold cellular memories, old trauma's, trapped emotions, core fears, limiting beliefs, inherited influences, deep ancestral patterns, and can even have past life stuff that we didn't really heal yet.ALL of these things are patterns of information in our 'BioField' which is the energy field in and around the body. They can actually cling like debris to our DNA, waiting to be expressed, or released.

Healing is really a call to arms to sort your life out! What is not working for you? What do you need to change? What fears do you have? Do you have blocks where things are not flowing well in your life? Where do you feel stuck? Does it seems like the same things keep happening to you? It might be a health issue, financial challenges, relationship problems, self-sabotage, addictions, insomnia, old trauma's, or just about anything. The way you've been CAN be transformed!

Life comes with emotional residue and fears. You have to look at what you are afraid of. We've all got our stuff. We have fear, as well as courage. Perhaps it's time to try something different, learn something new, release some old patterns, break out of your shell! This is a potent time on Earth, a very powerful time for growth, expansion, healing and releasing. This is YOUR time.

The BioField Clearing sessions we do are extremely effective. We use 18 charts to quickly and easily identify what has been hidden in your subconscious and unconscious mind, and your energy field. It is totally amazing to see how quickly things can shift and truly heal when we do some important clearing work, with a Practitioner who is trained in this exceptional modality. Many people are finding that they are going much deeper and further than anything else they have tried before.

Every single one of us have a number of things to release so we can raise our vibration, shift our mindset, open our heart, let go of limitations, and live a life of true healing, lasting fulfillment and deep inner joy. Isn't that what life is all about? We are ALL trying to avoid pain and suffering in our lives, and experience more happiness and joy!

My work is now focusing on helping people through this very sacred and effective process. I see this as truly the inner core of real healing. You cannot take enough supplements, or pain pills, to make it happen. It is also not about 'talk therapy'. While all of these things can be helpful at times, what we are doing is going deeper, without judgment, but connecting with your Higher Self, and your inner guidance system, to ask what is ready to be released, where it came from, and how far back does it go?

This process is highly precise and therapeutically beneficial as it balances a person by clearing old deep patterns, and transmitting the highest quality vibration while enhancing your energy field.

After a number of things have been brought to the light and cleared, you then have a clear, open space. We use several more charts to ask what YOUR particular Keys to Inner Healing are. You will be guided to several powerful keys to specifically help you in your process. We can determine what empowering beliefs would be beneficial for you, what virtues you are here to Master in this lifetime, and what is needed for your Infinite Being-ness! It's a beautiful process. This is all part of true and lasting healing.

Your life can be transformed like magic! It's YOUR time to heal.

We then infuse your energy field with the healing, balancing energy of the Divine Golden Light. This helps you be more in alignment with the Highest aspect of your true self, your Inner Soul, filling you with lasting healing and rich fulfillment in every way.

We use ancient Egyptian healing pendulums that are based on sacred geometry and have been used for thousands of years for healing purposes. Many of them are still used today by healers throughout Europe. This process is easily done long distance by phone and usually takes about 90 minutes per session. Often a series is recommended over a period of time to go deeper each time, giving time to integrate between sessions.

Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND is the developer and teacher of BioField Clearing sessions. She has been in the Holistic Field for over 36 years and combines a variety of techniques, skills, and tools for this beautifully sacred healing process. She offers sessions by phone to people all over the US, and teaches the Practitioner Certification Course online. You can find out more by visiting her websites at:, and She resides in Asheville, NC. You may also call her at 828-777-JANE (5263) for more info.

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